Shellfish Saver system

Unique technology

The Shellfish Saver is designed to be as mobile as possible to be used by one person in hard to reach places. The Shellfish Saver works on rechargeable industrial lithium-ion batteries and is shaped like a flashlight for optimal handling. It weighs approx 750 grams. The emitted laser beam can scare away birds from a great distance (beyond one kilometre) and will run nonstop for 45 minutes on one rechargeable battery. Two batteries are provided and in practise, constant emitting is never necessary, since birds take off within a very short time period.
The product should not be used like a gun, i.e. point and shoot. Users should direct the laser beam toward the flock of birds or individual birds. By moving the handheld up and down or side to side, you create movement with the beam which can be steered towards the birds. One person can operate this light-weight handheld laser. Because it is very powerful (a class 3B laser), safety during use is of major importance.

Maximize the effect by adding sound

To maximize the effect of the Shellfish Saver, SaveWave can also deliver a highly specialized sound system. In bright light conditions, where the laser is less visible to the birds and therefore sometimes less effective, this sound system has proven to be a great addition to the laser. This revolutionary sound system concentrates sound energy in a tight bundle, causing more volume over a larger carrying distance. The sound energy output is high enough to deter birds from a desired area. The system is I-pod compatible and is delivered with an I-pod with exclusive bird deterring sounds and operational playlists engineered by our marine biologists. The system is lightweight and can easily be operated by one man. The carbon fibre body is sturdy and developed to withstand harsh working conditions.
More information or a free quote?
Shellfish Saver is an effective bird deterrent designed for professional use only. If you would like to receive more information or a free quote, please contact us!